Who are we?

Rentalcars.com is the trading name of Booking.com Transport Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05179829. Our registered office is 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA.

We are a car rental broker, meaning we arrange car rental on your behalf. We provide a place for you to compare deals from many different car rental companies, helping you find the right deal for you, every time.

As a Rentalcars.com customer:

  • when you book your car, you enter into a contract with us: we are agreeing to arrange and manage your booking
  • when you pick your car up, you enter into a contract with the rental company: they are agreeing to provide the car.

But our job doesn’t end once you’ve booked. We’re here for you if you need to change or cancel your booking, or if you have any questions or concerns – before, during or after your rental.

Why choose us?

We have 15 years’ experience in the world of car hire, and today we’re the ground transport arm of a leading family of online travel brands.

But those aren’t the only reasons to choose us. You’ll find 3.5 million verified reviews on our site, making it easy to find out what other people think of each company we work with.

Who do we work with?

Every rental company we work with is a trusted partner; we carry out comprehensive sanction checks on each one prior to working with them.

We even have a specialist team who visit rental companies before we show them on the website.

In short, you can trust every rental company you find on our website.

How do we make money?

Every time we rent out a car, we act either as ‘agent’ or as ‘principal’. This has no effect on the price you pay.

Acting as agent means we’re acting on behalf of a rental company. That means we take payment from you, deduct our commission, and pass the rest on to them.

Acting as principal basically means we buy deals in bulk from rental companies – and sell them on to our customers. In this scenario, we take payment from you, and pay the rental company the wholesale price.

Our website is free to use, and rental companies do not pay us for specific placings in our search results.

How are our results ordered?

When you search for a car, you can order the results in up to three ways:

Recommended. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and historical booking data, we understand what really matters to our customers. We employ an ever-evolving algorithm (which factors in price, ratings, size, profit, vehicle specification and more) to place the cars that are most likely to impress you right at the top.

Price. Keeping it simple, we display the search results in price order. You can put the cheapest cars at the top, or the most expensive… it’s up to you.

Rating. This is the one that’s controlled by customers*. After every rental, we ask each customer to give their rental company marks out of 10 in a range of important areas (helpfulness of staff, condition of car, overall value for money, etc.). If you order by rating, you see the top-rated companies first.

*If we become aware that our customers are less than happy with a specific rental company, or if a company fails to live up to our high standards, we can take action. However good its ratings were in the past, that company could well find itself bumped down the list… or removed from our site altogether. Apart from that, the only reason we’ll exclude any deal is because we know it’s sold out.

What if something goes wrong?

If you’re unhappy with any part of your rental, including the booking process, you can contact us using any of the options on our Contact us page. To get in touch with our Customer Service experts, simply click ‘Completed rental’ and enter your booking reference, along with the email address you used to book the car. Then, just let us have:

a summary of the issue, including how you’d like us to help you

details of anything you’ve been charged

any supporting documents (bank statement, rental agreement, final invoice, damage documentation, photos, boarding pass, receipts, etc.).

If you do that, one of our agents will be in touch as soon as possible. They might need to ask you for some more details.

Whatever the issue, we’re here to stand up for you, handle any emails and phone calls on your behalf, and do everything we can to resolve things to your satisfaction.

To the extent permitted, any dispute resolution will be governed by English law under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.