Integration Examples

  • A) Web Banners

    We have a large selection of static banners in all web standard sizes including Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Full banner plus more.


  • B) Dynamic banners

    Dynamic banners are a quick and easy way to integrate a search facility into your website. Once again they are hosted within an iframe and send the user to the home page with the country and dates pre-populated.


  • C) Standard booking engine

    Standard car hire booking integrations can be customised by width & colour and uses our XSL booking template. We recommend our booking engines are hosted using an inline frame once you have been given your confirmed booking engine link. The iframe code should be inserted within the "body" tags of the page the booking engine is to be displayed in.

    Example 1:

    This example contains a branded search box which will send the user to the search results page then the remainder of booking is made on the site. Again this is customisable per Affiliate Partner (branded or non-branded) it can include features such as the “daily deals” which will populate the drop down boxes.

    Example 2:

  • D) Confirmation page widget

    The widget is hosted within an iFrame so can make updates / changes. It can be styled in any way including: width, height, number of cars displayed and colours. It shows your customer instant results and prices according to the details of their reservation with you.